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Eppley Building & Design

I have had the pleasure of photographing for Paul Eppley for over 20 years now; his talent and professionalism are among the best, and he is at the top of his field.

DSC_5863 copy

For over 34 years, Eppley has been serving the finest builders, contractors,
architects and designers in the tri-state area.
One of the greatest compliments we receive from these
respected professionals is, “We trust you. Show me the best way to do this
job.” They ask for our advice because, over the years, we’ve proved time and
time again that they can trust our expertise and integrity.
From intricate details to the completion of grand-scale designs, Eppley can
be counted on to deliver on our promises. We will help you find ways to
create exquisite cabinetry and meet your deadlines. And, with an eye to
being as cost effective as possible, we draft options that give you the
flexibility that you need. We understand the pressure you are under, and we
do our best to alleviate it.
Though we have the best state-of-the-art tools and equipment, our finest
asset is our people. We’ve attracted and retained exceptional talent, from
our draftsmen and wood masters to our finish engineers. They take pride in
their work, and their dedication to every project results in stunning
masterpieces in wood.

_DSC6374-2 copy

DSC_5049 copy

_DSC6340 copy

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DSC_0366 copy

DSC_9492 copy

DSC_4836-2 copy

8 copy

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DSC_4959 copy

2-2 copy



I’ve been photographing for a high end custom cabinetry company out of Northern New Jersey; here’s a taste of what they do.

Since inception, MiterBox has provided its clients with elegant, creative,
and stylish custom cabinetry. For over 25 years, MiterBox has produced
“one-of-a-kind” kitchens, baths, and architectural millwork—with unrivaled
European craftsmanship—right in its New Jersey facility under the leadership
of its founder, Frank Inserra.

With the simple idea of using the highest-quality materials and experienced
artisans to achieve superior results, MiterBox is prepared to bring your
vision of the ideal kitchen or bath to life. Our interior design
professionals and 3D CAD consultants work with you throughout each phase of
the project to ensure a timely, efficient experience for you and your

DSC_2793 copy

DSC_2654 copy

DSC_3112 copy

DSC_2647 copy

DSC_2835 copy

DSC_2944 copy

DSC_2934 copy


DSC_2911 copy

DSC_2769 copy

DSC_2754 copy

DSC_2968 copy

DSC_2709 copy

DSC_2689 copy


Dream Seed

I had the opportunity to photograph a shamanic meditation by Dream Seed  at the new event center ” The Hut ” in Ramsey, NJ

Dream Seed is a sound healing ensemble created by members of Golden Drum and
Didge Project. Shamanic chanting, mantras, overtone singing, Native American
songs, indigenous music, didgeridoos, crystal singing bowls, bells, gongs,
harmoniums, tuning forks and other overtone-emitting instruments are used to
create an environment conducive to deep relaxation and inward investigation.
Participants are led through guided meditations and sound healing practices
designed to harmonize body, mind and spirit.DSC_5484 copy

DSC_5473 copy

DSC_5545 copy

DSC_5455 copy

DSC_5526 copy

DSC_5487 copy

DSC_5419 copy

DSC_5489 copy

DSC_5518 copy

DSC_5494 copy

DSC_5555 copy

DSC_5541 copy

Paint a Pillow and Cutting Edge Stencils

For the past 8 months I’ve been photographing for a creative and dynamic stencil company located in Ramsey, NJ.

Paint-A-Pillow offers innovative accent pillow kits for easy DIY home décor. It’s a collaborative expression between long-time professional decorative artists, Janna Makaeva and Greg Swisher. Together, they ran the New York area’s leading decorative painting company, Spec Fin (Specialty Finishes) for over 20 years, and completed hundreds of high profile decorating projects. Lovers of the arts and all things beautiful, Janna and Greg have a common goal: To empower today’s Do-It-Yourself-er, to teach and to share their wealth of painting and decorating knowledge, and to inspire you to “Go For It!”

Their other company, Cutting Edge Stencils, has become a leader in the DIY industry, offering superior stencil products at reasonable prices. Cutting Edge Stencils is a favorite among bloggers and DIY-ers worldwide and enjoys a huge following of over 85,000 fans on Facebook. Our team consists of wonderful friendly people who love what they do and are happy to work in a positive, beautiful environment.

_DSC2812 copy


DSC_2866_1 copy

DSC_5577 copy

DSC_3047_1 copy


DSC_3062_1 copy

DSC_5614 copy

DSC_2954_1 copy

DSC_0704 copy


DSC_1560 copy

DSC_9962 copy

DSC_9966 copy

DSC_9987 copy

DSC_1050 copy

DSC_1191 copy


DSC_1502 copy

DSC_2008 copy

DSC_2378 copy

DSC_2310 copy

DSC_2505 copy

DSC_2514 copy



Tony Trischka at Mexicali Live

On the 18 of December I photographed Tony Trischka and an assembled group of musicians at Mexicali Live in Teaneck NJ. They preformed a Holiday Christmas show and had the St. Anne’s Choir preform along with them at the beginning of the show. It was a great time,  great show, with some incredibly talented musicians. Tony Trischka- Banjo,   John Mailander- Fiddle,   Molly Tuttle- Guitar and Vocals,  Tim Eriksen- Guitar and Vocals,  Zoe Darrow- Fiddle and Harmony Vocals,  Skip Ward- Bass,  Sean Trischka- Drums and Mandolin,  Zoe Trischka- Vocals.


Tony Trischka during sound check
Tony Trischka during sound check


DSC_0484 copy

DSC_0700 copy

DSC_0806 copy

DSC_0722 B&W copy


DSC_0737 copy


DSC_0809 copy


DSC_0486 B&W copy


DSC_0505 B&W copy

DSC_0734 B&W copy

DSC_0792 copy


DSC_0826 copy


DSC_0834 copy


DSC_0850 copy

DSC_1117 copy

DSC_0895 copy

DSC_1154 B&W copy

DSC_1027 copy

DSC_1023 copy

DSC_1273 B&W copy


DSC_0922 copy

DSC_1132 B&W copy

DSC_0940 copy

DSC_0493 B&W copy

DSC_1083 copy

DSC_1221 B&W copy

DSC_1070 copy

DSC_0690 B&W copy

DSC_0589 copy

DSC_1025 B&W copy

The Rushmore Estate

Historic Rushmore Estate

Financier and attorney Charles E. Rushmore (of Mt. Rushmore’s namesake) commissioned the 25-room, four building estate in 1908. This spectacular Spanish Colonial-style mansion served as place for Rushmore’s ill wife, Jeannette, to rest. The pristine grounds and privacy provided a perfect respite from the hustle and rush of New York City.
Much of the house’s interior has been preserved in its original condition. The Rushmore Estate’s ballroom features vaulted ceilings with elegant plaster carvings, French doors opening to a stone patio, oak floors and an oversized fireplace.

The rooms make the Rushmore Estate a unique experience, illustrating lavish architecture in each room that can shift from a personal dining room into a sitting room. A fireside library is available for cocktails. Above the ballroom are four large guest suites, each with its own private bath.

Outside, an unusual landmark remains from the early 1900s: A stone and stucco clocktower with the original Tiffany clock still ticking inside.

I was hired to photograph the estate by the current owner Seth Pulver. He has done extensive renovations to rooms above the Ballroom to open as a Bed & Breakfast. If your interested reserving a room please call 845-500-6585. The photo’s here are of the whole estate including some of the incredible architectural features of the main house.

Rushmore_Panorama3 copy

DSC_9572 copy

DSC_9512 copy

DSC_9492 copy

DSC_0317 copy

DSC_9435 copy

DSC_5869 copy

DSC_9381 copy

DSC_0279 copy

DSC_3565 Sepia copy

DSC_0416 copy

DSC_2561 copy2

DSC_2736 copy2

DSC_2690 copy

DSC_2781 copy2

DSC_2894 copy2

DSC_2896 copy2

DSC_2723 copy2

DSC_0498 copy

DSC_0549 copy

DSC_0563 copy

DSC_0554 copy

DSC_0567 copy

DSC_0528 copy




Salt Of The Earth / Exhibition

Thanks to everyone who came out last Friday to the Seligmann Center for the Arts Gallery for the opening of the Exhibition ( Salt Of The Earth )  I received  a grant from the Mid Hudson Arts Council to document the farmers who conserved their land through the Orange County Land Trust. Their are far too many to thank, you know who you are ! however I’d like to especially thank Jim Delaune, Caroline Hamling, and Lisa Weisbrod from the Orange County Land Trust.  Dorothy Gaydos for her interviews and accompanying  text for the show , and all the Farmers and Workers who participated ! The show will be traveling though Orange county and beyond. Here is a sample from the Exhibition.

DSC_9374 8.5x11

DSC_9170 17x22

DSC_9061 8.5x11

DSC_3469 17x22

DSC_8803-17x22 copy

DSC_2647 8x11.5

DSC_9624 B&W 17x22

DSC_3351 17x22

DSC_1165 B&W Dirt

DSC_8610 8.5x11

DSC_1418 B&W 8.5x11

DSC_3280 8.5x11

DSC_8276 8.5x11

DSC_4646 17x22

DSC_9443 copy

DSC_8891 8.5x11


DSC_1409 8

DSC_6501-17x22 copy






The Midnight Ramble/ Levon Helm’s Barn

Over the past eight month’s or so I’ve had the opportunity to photograph up in Woodstock NY at Levon Helm’s Barn. The people who run the show are fantastic and it’s the best place to see fabulous musicians in an intimate small venue.

Levon's Barn
Levon’s Barn
DSC_7091 copy
View of the Stage
Any Helm and her band
Any Helm and her band

DSC_7115 copy

DSC_7204 copy

DSC_7054 copy

DSC_7386 copy


DSC_7483 copy

The Weight
The Weight

B&W 2

B&W 17

B&W 12

B&W 16

B&W 4

B&W 18


Art Deco Masterpiece

I was recently hired by Newmark,Grubb,Knight, Frank to Photograph The Bell Headquarters Building in Newark, NJ.

The Bell Building
The Bell Building

The building was built in 1929 by the New Jersey Bell Telephone Company.

Front Facade Upward
Front Facade Upward

The Art Deco building was designed by Ralph Thomas Walker of the architectural firm Voorhees, Gmelin, and Walker.

DSC_6779-2 copy

The brick and sandstone facade is decorated with pilasters created by scultpter Edward McCartan.

Looking Up
Looking Up

The Building is 20 stories and 275 feet high. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on September 21, 2005

Grand Entry
Grand Entry

Marble and Granite with a  Geometric Relief Ceiling.

Entryway wall with brass relief
Entryway wall with brass relief
Brass and copper doors with marble surround
Brass and copper doors with marble surround

These doors are amazing along with the Torch Lighting

Main Lobby
Main Lobby

Looking toward the Marble Relief

Marble relief of the Mercury/ Bell Emblem
Marble relief of the Mercury/ Bell Emblem
Board Room
Board Room

From this board room the executives of Bell issued every area code in the Nation, with 201 being the first area code in the country.

The Elevator
The Elevator

The Elevators are elaborate with elegant pierced brass fretwork.

DSC_6706 copy

Art Deco Ornamentation
Art Deco Ornamentation
DSC_7894 copy
Doorway fretwork flanked by sconces
Memorial Plaque
Memorial Plaque