Eppley Building & Design

I have had the pleasure of photographing for Paul Eppley for over 20 years now; his talent and professionalism are among the best, and he is at the top of his field.

DSC_5863 copy

For over 34 years, Eppley has been serving the finest builders, contractors,
architects and designers in the tri-state area.
One of the greatest compliments we receive from these
respected professionals is, “We trust you. Show me the best way to do this
job.” They ask for our advice because, over the years, we’ve proved time and
time again that they can trust our expertise and integrity.
From intricate details to the completion of grand-scale designs, Eppley can
be counted on to deliver on our promises. We will help you find ways to
create exquisite cabinetry and meet your deadlines. And, with an eye to
being as cost effective as possible, we draft options that give you the
flexibility that you need. We understand the pressure you are under, and we
do our best to alleviate it.
Though we have the best state-of-the-art tools and equipment, our finest
asset is our people. We’ve attracted and retained exceptional talent, from
our draftsmen and wood masters to our finish engineers. They take pride in
their work, and their dedication to every project results in stunning
masterpieces in wood.

_DSC6374-2 copy

DSC_5049 copy

_DSC6340 copy

25 copy

DSC_0366 copy

DSC_9492 copy

DSC_4836-2 copy

8 copy

21 copy

6 copy

DSC_4959 copy

2-2 copy


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