The Rushmore Estate

Historic Rushmore Estate

Financier and attorney Charles E. Rushmore (of Mt. Rushmore’s namesake) commissioned the 25-room, four building estate in 1908. This spectacular Spanish Colonial-style mansion served as place for Rushmore’s ill wife, Jeannette, to rest. The pristine grounds and privacy provided a perfect respite from the hustle and rush of New York City.
Much of the house’s interior has been preserved in its original condition. The Rushmore Estate’s ballroom features vaulted ceilings with elegant plaster carvings, French doors opening to a stone patio, oak floors and an oversized fireplace.

The rooms make the Rushmore Estate a unique experience, illustrating lavish architecture in each room that can shift from a personal dining room into a sitting room. A fireside library is available for cocktails. Above the ballroom are four large guest suites, each with its own private bath.

Outside, an unusual landmark remains from the early 1900s: A stone and stucco clocktower with the original Tiffany clock still ticking inside.

I was hired to photograph the estate by the current owner Seth Pulver. He has done extensive renovations to rooms above the Ballroom to open as a Bed & Breakfast. If your interested reserving a room please call 845-500-6585. The photo’s here are of the whole estate including some of the incredible architectural features of the main house.

Rushmore_Panorama3 copy

DSC_9572 copy

DSC_9512 copy

DSC_9492 copy

DSC_0317 copy

DSC_9435 copy

DSC_5869 copy

DSC_9381 copy

DSC_0279 copy

DSC_3565 Sepia copy

DSC_0416 copy

DSC_2561 copy2

DSC_2736 copy2

DSC_2690 copy

DSC_2781 copy2

DSC_2894 copy2

DSC_2896 copy2

DSC_2723 copy2

DSC_0498 copy

DSC_0549 copy

DSC_0563 copy

DSC_0554 copy

DSC_0567 copy

DSC_0528 copy





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