Salt Of The Earth / Exhibition

Thanks to everyone who came out last Friday to the Seligmann Center for the Arts Gallery for the opening of the Exhibition ( Salt Of The Earth )  I received  a grant from the Mid Hudson Arts Council to document the farmers who conserved their land through the Orange County Land Trust. Their are far too many to thank, you know who you are ! however I’d like to especially thank Jim Delaune, Caroline Hamling, and Lisa Weisbrod from the Orange County Land Trust.  Dorothy Gaydos for her interviews and accompanying  text for the show , and all the Farmers and Workers who participated ! The show will be traveling though Orange county and beyond. Here is a sample from the Exhibition.

DSC_9374 8.5x11

DSC_9170 17x22

DSC_9061 8.5x11

DSC_3469 17x22

DSC_8803-17x22 copy

DSC_2647 8x11.5

DSC_9624 B&W 17x22

DSC_3351 17x22

DSC_1165 B&W Dirt

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DSC_1418 B&W 8.5x11

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DSC_4646 17x22

DSC_9443 copy

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DSC_1409 8

DSC_6501-17x22 copy