The Anatomy of a Lumber Business/ Sawmill

I was recently hired to photograph/ document a lumber operation in Chester NY for the development of a web site / advertising to promote the operation. Here’s a brief synopsis of my work.

Sal Mastropolo Jr. owns and operates Authentic Antique Lumber, LLC located in Chester, NY.

DSC_6683 copy

His business includes buying and reclaiming old barns for their unique weathered  look,  stripping the old paint off  and reselling the lumber to woodworker’s, cabinetmakers, and builders.

The barn in Chester, NY

The operation also involves milling and selling slabs of wood such as cherry, black walnut, maple .

DSC_7475 copy
Inside the barn

He has a collaboration with the Laroe Lumberyard which sits just below his huge storage barn that houses his reclaimed lumber and slabs of wood. They have the ability to mill huge trees.

DSC_7449 copy
The circular saw at the Laroe lumber yard
DSC_6729 copy
Sal amongst hundreds of logs waiting to be milled

All the slabs that are cut are either air dried in the barn, or brought to another lumber business that he collaborates with to be kiln dried. Megan Offner is a co-owner of NY Heartwoods located in Warwick, NY.  Here she has the ability to cut and season logs, her specialty is to mill already fallen trees that will just rot,  thus saving a valuable resource from being wasted.

Positioning the log
DSC_7826 copy
Megan working the ban saw
The Kiln
The Kiln, where wood is seasoned

With over a million board feet of lumber at 3 locations Sal can provide just about any specialty lumber item one would need.

DSC_7884 copy
Sal, Megan and Crew
DSC_7922 copy
Tables built from reclaimed lumber
Some of the Slabs inside the barn
The barn at night
The barn at night

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